The Coupon Mom

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I have met a few music artists, but I ‘ve never fallen over one, fainted over one, or even swooned. BUT last week I met the Coupon Mom. You may laugh but it’s the first time in my life I felt like screaming as she was introduced. Let me clarify that I did not scream. I was just plum giddy.  It’s a good thing I didn’t have to talk to her, I would’ve been tongue tied.  (I know some of you are thinking, “yeah right”.)

I discovered her website,, a little over a year ago.  I have been so thankful for her website and have had the privilege of helping others discover her coupon method too.  Last week I attended a conference and she was there as one of the speakers.  After listening to her story and how the website all came to be, I adored her even more. Folks, she is the real deal.  She is walking the talk that she talks.  The hand of the God was so evident in her story and she didn’t hesitate to give Him credit. Donating to charities and food banks is her motto.

If you have ever visited her website, the deals she finds for really inexpensive or free items, she will list “great for donating”.  She said that they did a poll among her website registrants and 85% of them donate to charities.  That is making a difference in the world.

The thing I love about her is that her website is free.  That sounds like I love it because you don’t pay for it, but actually it’s free because she desires to help people save money.

Please forgive me if you have read this and felt like it was a bit of “hero worship” that is not what I intended.  But it is very exciting to see someone living out their potential through Jesus Christ.  To see someone in the public eye whose talk matches their walk.  And she is just a mom like most of us.  It is encouraging to have her example.

If you even need some ideas to save money, I hope you will check out her website.  You do have to create a registration but it is free.   So check it out and enjoy!!

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