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We came into a real airport in Entebbe.  Once we left Entebbe, we drove one hour north to the capital city of Kampala.  OK, first of all these people drive CRAZY.  I see now that this is just the way it is here.  But I caught my breath a few times and had to cover my eyes more than once.  (smile)  There were whole families on mototcycles – they call these Boda Bodas.

My eyes and heart are completely overwhelmed at the poverty. I’m going to have to think about this some.

I do miss my family.  I have complete confidence that God will take care of them.  But I have no cell phone service and have found out that the computer at the house where we are staying is on a dial-up connection and slow as Christmas.  With 15 of us to email and blog communication maybe minimal.  We’ll see.

I really hope I can sleep tonight.  I’m not a person who functions well, with little sleep.  But I’m trusting God will take care of this or help me.

I’m really grateful to God that Rachel came on this trip.  Getting to know my other team members is going to be fun.  But well, I’m just glad she is here.

Adonai house is nice.    I did get to write about seeing the kids in another post.

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