Hands Chant

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For all of you in the last training August 6, I had promised to put up the Hands Chant

Hands to the side, hands in the air,

Hands on your tummy, hands in your hair

Hands over eyes (like sheilding the sun), looking all around,

Hands on your knees, now please sit down.

By Darlene Abbott Copyright LifeWay

Hope you all enjoy that, I’m sorry it took me a little extra time to get it up.

It was a great pleasure to be with you all on that day. I hope you all will write the transition in your lesson plans as we talked.  Make it easy on yourself. Remember God gives you everything you need to teach those precious children.  Stay in his Word, that is the best thing you can do for continued training.

I pray you have a great school year

Love to you all,


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