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My last post on this blog was after I ended chemo a second time and radiation. Some other things happened, there were more surgeries and such, and I just kept posting on Caring Bridge. On October 24, 2013, I had my 7th and hopefully last surgery related to Breast Cancer. It’s been a long 2 1/2 years. So when 2014 started I declared that journey over and that we were moving on. However there are after-effects. These are not side-effects because cancer is over, these are not happening along side cancer or a medicine, but rather after. These are the things we are left to deal with since the cancer storm has passed. Things like the continual tightening of the radiated tissue, the daily stretching to relieve it, lymphadema and the weakness of that arm, and a couple of other things like that. Nothing that literally hundreds of thousands of other women also deal with on a daily basis. But I must admit in my life I’m the only one having to make continual concessions for it and it does not feel so common. Not yet anyway.

So from now on, all of my post will be here instead of Caring Bridge. I will post about being a music teacher/writer, leading kid’s choirs at church and our worship experiences, being a homeschool mom and wife to a husband getting ready to start seminary. And occassionally the fears and continual frustrations of making sure that cancer does not come back, although I have no control over that. Lots going on in our lives to write about.

So here begins the next chapter…..

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