Just One of Those Days

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It had just been one of those days.  The kids were not bad, just needy.  Both girls needed help with every bit of school we did today.  My 3 year old didn’t want me to do anything for anyone except him.  I had music curriculum to write.  I had not had my Bible Study that morning. (this should have been a clue to me about the kind of day I might have had.)  Let’s not even talk about the house or the laundry. 

Lots of needs, and I still needed time for me. Yes, add me to my needy list.  I had not had any alone time in quite awhile.  Trying to be the good wife I told Brandon he could work late to try to catch up.  However the day caught up with me and that’s when I met Brandon at the door.  When he walked in the door, I was standing in the foyer with my purse on my shoulder.  I said, “they are in there,” pointing over my shoulder, “I’ll be back in awhile.”

I stepped out the front door and started down the stairs.  This is only the second time in 13 years of marriage and three children that I’ve done that to him.  But as I started down the sidewalk, the tears started to well up in eyes.  I thought this was the time it was finally ok to let loose the emotions about the day – when I heard the front door open.  Brandon says through the crack in the door, “please DO come back!” 

I burst into laughter.  Just the comic relief that I needed!!!  Not to mention my favorite emotion – laughter through tears.  Yes, just one of those days and one I’ll never forget.

Look for the comic moments in your day too.

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