dad, Dad, DAD!!!!!

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Most of us moms know what it is like to have everyone calling your name and needing something all while you are smack in the middle of everything. Of course that’s not really it, but is sure feels that way sometimes:  “Mom, is my jacket clean?” “Mom does this shirt go with these pants?” “Honey, what do I need to put in a bag for Logan?” “Mommy, more juice!” “Mom can you help me with my hair?”  All very valid requests but seriously at the same time?  You feel like your family had a “questions for mom” conference that you missed, and they synched their watches for the time that they would ask all the questions.  :-)

Last week the day after we came back from Disney World, we were at my mom-in-law’s for the morning and trying to get packed to come home.  Brandon was going over to his grandparent’s to pick up some furniture to bring back with us.  His mom needed help getting her VCR and DVD players hooked back up, the girls needed help on the computer, I couldn’t load suitcases until he went to get the furniture, and a wheel came off of Logan’s truck, which of course no one could fix but Daddy.

Bless his heart at one point, it seemed like everyone tried to talk to him within a span of  two minutes.  It caught me so funny, that everyone at that moment needed him, including me.  I recognized what was happening.  It took a moment of pondering before I had the idea to start distracting people – mainly the kids.  I talked Logan into letting Papaw fix his truck wheel, got the girls interested in something other than the computer, and put my stuff on hold.  I saw him quietly start knocking out the list of requests.  Eventually everyone was helped and the situation difused.  I’m still giggling about it.  :-)

It’s moments like this, when we have a revelation that we are supposed to pass it along and help each other out, right? Well, here is the big answer I learned in this situation – Distract people!   Having only done this once, I can not say that it is a sure fire cure, but definitely worth a try.  Good luck!

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