God’s Plan

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The other day, after I had graded a couple of days worth of work for the girls, I sat down with them to look at anything they missed.  I had put a red dot beside anything they missed on homework, so that they could rework it.  I want to make sure that they are comprehending the concept, not just checking it off as another page done. Sometimes we have to revisit an entire concept.  Sometimes, especially with math, it is simply that they have forgotten a step.  But the formula is just as important as the answer because it shows the relationship between the numbers.

The other day after working through one of these recheck days with the girls, we got a little hung up on math with my younger daughter. We worked through it but not without some sweat. :-)

Later that day I was struck how much I am just like that with God. I truly desire to do what God is asking me to do or teaching me to do. But sometimes, I catch myself relearning certain steps or concepts that God has been so patient to teach me.  I can just hear him, “Ok Darlene, let’s try this one more time.”  And like my daughter, I reply to God, “but I’ve already learned that can’t we just move along?”  God reminds me that I have forgotten a step or maybe I missed it altogether.  The proof is just not there that I’ve gotten it yet.

He reminds me that what I am learning through the process is just as important as the final result.

It is little moments like this that I realize God had a much bigger plan, than my being obedient in homeschooling the kids. He has so much to teach me (if I will listen).  I’m praying that I don’t miss any of the red dots he has marked.  I pray that I will approach these lessons with a more willing spirit to relearn the things I thought I’d already learned.


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