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I have absolutely loved using the Music Color Cube this year. To Covid proof the cube, I put it in a gallon zip lock bag. Antibacterial wipes work fabulously on the zip lock bag. The bag can be wiped off multiple times a day. To keep the bag from turning strangely on the floor, we toss it to each other. The color that is on top when they catch it is the color we use.

With all the options for play, the kids never know what we are going to do when I pull out the cube. Every Music Mom product has 3 ways to play the resource and sometimes more.

The first file is the Music Color Cube Note Identification. The notes included in this product are quarter note, quarter rest, two eighth notes, half note, dotted half note, and whole note. There are identification options for play as well as composition options.

The second file included in this bundle is The Movement Color Cube. As in all Music Mom games, you also get three different lesson ideas on how to use this resource.

The last file is the Music Color Cube: Classroom Instrument Edition. This file not only gives you multiple ways to use the cards, but also provides a plethera of classroom instruments allowing you to choose the ones you want use.

This is a brand new bundle and this is a one time opportunity to get it for 1/2 price. All three files are regularly $16 and until Friday you can get these files for ONLY $8. Purchase the bundle here.

Color is a unique way to organize information and much more. Here is a professional development video to see how to play the movement color cube.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy!


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