Pre-Piano Class

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You may be thinking what in the world is pre-piano class? Well, it is a class that goes for 5 weeks and will prepare a student with the very basic knowledge of playing the piano. We will use games, and hands on activities that teachers don’t always have time for in the individual setting. Classes are 45 minutes long. The class is for children 6-8 years old who are getting ready to start piano. Dates for the classes are June 29 through July 27, 2020. Classes will occur every Monday during those five weeks. There are two class times to choose from: Class A – 10 to 10:45 AM and Class B – 1-1:45 PM.

The students will learn:
* How the keyboard is divided
* Names of Keys
* Finger Numbers
* Note Values
* to Read simple rhythm notation

Classes are small – a limit of six students per class. Students will not be sharing the same keyboard. They will each have individual keyboards. All keyboards will be cleaned before each class. There will be individual copies of four games that the student will be able to take home once the five weeks are up.

This class is going to be lots of fun and will encourage your child and get them ready to begin piano. Please sign up here. Please send your name, phone number, and the class you prefer to attend.


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