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Valentine’s Day 2010 was a normal Sunday for us.  We are part of a group of people starting a new campus church in Southern Williamson County.  We had training after church for the Sunday School workers for both preschool and children. The invitation from the staff was that they would feed our families and then spouses could take the children home and we could commence with the training.  However, there were some families that had spouses out of town or both of them were staying for training.  Sooooooooooooo our sweet pastor stayed and kept the children of those workers in childcare while we were in training.  He is such a servant and I praise the Lord for him and his family.  He truly has a heart and great love for not only us but the community we are trying to reach.  I feel so privileged that God has called us to be part of starting this church. And I praise the Lord that he sent us such a loving pastor to shepherd this congregation.  God continues through this journey to teach me new definitions of His love and that he is the author of love – period.

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