Urgent vs. Important

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Tonight I was in the kitchen as Brandon was saying, he needed to go finish some work on the computer so that he wouldn’t be up late.  About 5 minutes later, he was in the living room floor playing blocks with our 3 year old Logan. “I thought you were going to work,” I commented.  He replied, “He was standing at the door knocking and smiling at me and said “please.  What am I supposed to do with that?”

Well, you are supposed to go sit in the floor and build blocks.

Last week on a business trip a man that took Brandon and his boss to dinner told him “I have one piece of advice that I like to give young men and that one piece of advice is: Do what is important, not what is urgent.”

We have both pondered this statement. There is definitely some wisdom to be had from that. I know I have made just a couple of choices differently than before because of that statement and I see my sweet husband doing it too.

So I’m passing this very wise piece of advice along to you – Do what is important, not what is urgent.


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