God’s Love has Hands and Feet

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I started writing this last week when LeighAnn was in Haiti but my thoughts felt really scrambled, so here is a more collected thought.

My friend, LeighAnn, is Haiti right now working with orphans.  She went with a team from our church to help with the orphans.  There are children who are withdrawn and do not talk and sometimes they will latch on to someone on the team.  This happened to LeighAnn today.  A little boy came and sat beside her and the longer he sat, the closer he got.  He eventually ended up with his arms around her waist. He just needed to be close to someone.

I started to wonder with so many children and so many needs, how long has it been since he was able to get next to someone who would hold him, make him feel secure and loved?  My heart is breaking for those children.  God is so much bigger than I can comprehend and His ways are not my ways and I do not always understand.  And yet, I find myself wondering, “How will God love all of these children?”  “Are there enough arms to go around?”  “Who will step and go?” “Should it be me?” “How long will people go, and be, for the moment –  the absent arms?”  “How must it feel to just have another person come and go in and out of their lives?”

In human love – this would not be done very long .  Most of us will go back to our lives after reading about it or watching the news.  Well, I don’t want to be part of that “us” anymore. I don’t want to let my heart just sigh as in “oh how sad.” But even in this, I –  we must trust that God is in control.  And that  – His ways are not our ways.  I have had to say that over and over again lately – His ways are not our ways!  God is in control and so we must listen and go when he says go. And we must wait and pray when He says wait.  Through our faith and trust in Him, His love will be the hands and feet.  His love will be the absent arms.  His love is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

My pray in this is that I will be ready to go when He says go.  That God alone will show me how to be His hands and feet.


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