Are you going to Believe me?

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OH MY GOODNESS – shots are sooooooo expensive.  I was worried and overwhelmed by this information from our missions meeting last week.  I didn’t even think about shots, much less the cost associated with them.   There are so many shots recommended for Uganda that it is going to cost about $600.  For someone like me who’s never been out of the country, that means I have had none of them.   Ouch! already.

Most everyone at the meeting said their shots were not covered by insurance, and so I took their word that they aren’t covered.  So today I’m doing research calls trying to find the cheapest place to get them and find out exactly which ones I have to have.   When it was like God just said – “I told you to go, I told you I will take care of everything.  Are you going to believe me or not?”  Well okay, God just get right to the point.  So instead of calling to make an appointment to have the shots I find myself calling my insurance company – MY SHOTS ARE COVERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously all I have to pay is the co-pay.  Now I’m overwhelmed in a completely different way.  I’m confessing to the Lord and asking Him to help my unbelief.  There is no facet of my life that deserves the blessings He is pouring out on me today. It is a worship that is undescribable. I am floored, enamored…..and completely humbled by God’s love.

On the other hand I get a call from my mom. She has found a lump in her breast, and the doctor confirmed it.  She is going for tests in the morning.  And still the question resonates in head and in my heart “Are you going to believe me or not?”  After today I know that I have no other options BUT to believe Him.  I don’t know God’s will for my mom, but I must trust His love not only for me but for her.  I am praying first for her peace over the next few days and for her healing.  I will appreciate any intercessory prayer on her behalf.  Again the tests are tomorrow, and she won’t know the results until next Monday.

Thanks for celebrating and praying with me all in the same breath.

My heart  feels all over the place today and I find myself really glad it’s 5 pm.  I don’t know how much more of today I can take.


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