The County Fair

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Last Friday I took the kids to a “mock” County Fair.  Some of the families had been to see the play “Charlotte’s Web” on Thursday. We are going the first week of May to see the play.  So we went to the Fair.  The kids played relay races, participated in the Cookie Walk, the Cookie Stack, had lunch, and won blue ribbons at the craft show.

So all in all I think it was a pretty fun day!  Enjoy a few pics.

KK is such a good big sister.  She ran a bucket for herself and then helped Logan carry a bucket of milk for his turn.

RileyGrace did well in the Cookie Stack.

Yes, this is our Children’s Minister showing Logan how to look like a walrus with Cheetos!  :-)

Of course Logan tried it, wouldn’t you?

And finally the Blue Ribbons for some art work the girls did.  RileyGrace’s art was an ink transfer and KK’s was a free handed painting.


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