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Jesus said many times in the New Testament that we are to take care of the poor and needy.  In our world right now there are plenty of poor and needy.

There are flood victims here in middle Tennessee that still need help.

There are homeless in many of our cities.

There are orphans everywhere – here and abroad.

I am going to Africa, and we will need supplies to take with us for the orphange.

I’m sure there are people right in our back doors that we miss everyday that are desperate for our help and our love.

Find somewhere – someone to help.  There are lots of ways to give.   Please keep checking this blog, in the coming days (Sunday) I will publish a list of needs.  These are items that we will need to pack and take to Africa.

Please be in prayer this week for the children that we will be ministering to.

Please also be in prayer for the flood victims.   Some have lost everything.   And if you are about to have a yard sale maybe look through and see if you have any household items to give to those who have lost all the basics like a toaster and a hair dryer.

We have lots of GREAT BIG needs out there – it’s a good thing we have a GREAT BIG GOD!

Much Love!



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