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It was a Sunday like any Sunday. After working the baby room , I picked up my kids and went to worship. I was feeling pretty good about the fact that I was serving and had not missed a Sunday since we had been in our new building (all by a schedule that I picked).  Ok, let’s just call it like it is, I was prideful.  Proverbs says, “Pride goeth before the fall.” Well listen for the splat because it didn’t take long.

Worship went off without a hitch, the music was great.  Then came the prayer and altar time.  A lady came and knelt down front.  I think she was crying but it wasn’t very noticeable.  Yes, my eyes were open and regardless of the motive of my eyes being open, God decided to make use of the moment.  So he whispered, “Go pray with her.”  So I thought I would close my eyes and pray about whether or not I should go pray with her.  I know – stupid right? Well, I finally quit arguing with myself and with God and decided yes, I would go pray with her.  So I opened my eyes to go pray with her and my good friend was already kneeling beside her praying.  SPLAT!

The lesson for me that day was that God doesn’t need me at all to do his work.  It is a privilege to be His child and to do His work. It wasn’t really that long of an argument with myself about whether or not to go – but I hesitated and God did not.  He had something to accomplish and the moment was right then.  The woman wasn’t going to stay at the altar all morning and pray.

When God said “Go to Africa.”  I said ok.  But I didn’t realize until that Sunday how much He does not NEED me to go to Africa.  His Will will be accomplished with or without me. There are many other lessons to be learned through this trip, but I pray that my hesitation to obedience won’t be one them.  I want to see the moment, the need – the urgency.  I want to be obedient.  However, obedience takes practice.  Practice listening to the Holy Spirit – even in the little things.

The Bible says “in our weakness, He is strong.”  I will depend on His strength to help me be obedient because I really don’t like the sound of SPLAT!


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