Theory Night – A Huge Success

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This past week we had another Theory Night for my piano students.  The night’s theme was Rhythm and Bass Cleff. Every game we played was all about rhythm. We start out together with a big game and then we split into smaller groups and rotate through three games.  The great game that we kicked off with was Sara Bibee’s, also from Teachers Pay Teachers, Jeopardy type game called MineStaff. I encourage you all if you buy the game to watch Sara’s video link on how to play the game.  It was phenomenal. I did print and use the Follow Along Board for all students.  This looked just like the Jeopardy board and allowed the students to also write answers when it was not their turn. So fun!!

Another game that we play was Music UNO from Music a la Abbott, and no that is not me.  You can get this game for music symbols and you can get this game for Bass Clef or Treble Clef.  You play the game just like the original UNO card game.  One of the things my kids added that was not in the game instructions is that you had to name the note or give the definition of the music symbol before you could discard your card.   We allowed three rounds of turns for everyone to get used to this and the game leader went over all symbols and definitions before the game started. My kids loved this game.

Hat Tricks photo CroppedWe also played Hat Tricks by the Music Mom.  I am attaching a couple of pictures. First we spoke the rhythms, not all of them about 7 or 8. Then I ask them if they understood the phrase “I wear many hats,” meant.  I used the explanation in the instructions of the game.  Then I explained to the kids that one piece of music can wear many hats and we must pay attention to all the hats to play the music correctly.  Then one by one as instructed in the game we put a different “hat” on the music and played or spoke the rhythm again, all the while applying the music symbol.  One of aid that he really enjoyed that game.  (Smile)  It was a hit overall.


The fourth rotation game that we played was Golden Rhythms by the Music Mom.  You have three pots of gold with different meters on them.  You also have a pile of rhythms.  First we used our Golden Rhythms Photo-001music math to add up the values and place them in the correct pot.  Some rhythms did not go in a pot. The game leader took it a step further and asked the children to say or clap the rhythm before putting it in the correct pot.  The rhtyms are face down in the picture, but the notes are all on golden coins.



At our tutorial I have another game like this that we have played with a snowman.  The rhythms are on the hats and you can only place his hat on him if it matches the meter scarf he is wearing.

I hope you will enjoy these games as much as we have.

Keep Singing for Jesus,



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