3 Years Cancer FREE!

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July 6th, a day that will forever be locked in my memory. July 6th, the day my life and the lives of my husband and children were turned right upside down. That was four years ago. Today was July 6th again. Funny how it comes around every year about this time. My day was so busy – quite a contrast to four years ago when it felt like the world stopped on that day.  For a moment, everything froze, stood still……too still……scary still…….it was the moment we first heard the word “cancer”.

I hear the news of someone’s friend, sister, mother, aunt, cousin, or daughter being diagnosed with cancer (especially breast cancer) and there is a physical ping in my chest. Sometimes it hurts.

One week after my diagnosis, the doctor confirmed, it was no longer a suspicion but a reality – I had Stage 3 Breast Cancer. My best friend, LA, was the one who said, “let’s put truth up against this, and remind ourselves where we really are”.  She continued, “We know that God is bigger than cancer. We know having cancer now as opposed to 50 years ago, no longer a death sentence. I know you are strong, and I know that your friends and your family will not leave your side.”

And they did not.  And neither did the Lord.

So I thought today on this anniversary I thought I would put up some truths of my own. If you know anyone going through or having just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, please pass this along to them.

1. God is much bigger than cancer. (He never left my side.)

2. Cancer doctors and nurses are very special people.  I am still friends with some of them, especially one special one named, Cary.

3. Having cancer now as opposed to 50 years ago, is very good!  We know a lot more now than we did 50 years ago.

4. Some of the biggest advances in Breast Cancer medicines have been made in the past 10 years. Especially with the drug Herceptin.

5. Surrounding yourself with family and friends will help you recover with speed. They made me laugh, brought me frozen yogurt when I couldn’t eat anything else. Would bring a party to my living room when I needed and then give me space. Having these people in your life is invaluable.

6. It’s true there is not a breast cancer drug in which you do not loose your hair. Another truth – Hair is overrated.  I have not complained about a bad hairday since.  :-))

7. Candy Crush can get you through a lot of waiting room time and keep your mind off of cancer. (Don’t judge me.)

8. A mastectomy is not a boob job. To compare the two is like trying to compare apples to lemons.

9. Just because one person has a certain reaction to a chemo drug, does not mean you will react the same way.  Everyone is different.  In fact everyone is so different in their cancer and reactions that you will grow tired of hearing that phrase.

10. Find the funny things about this roller coaster ride that make you laugh.  It is much healthier than crying.  I had a t-shirt that wore sometimes that said, “Does this shirt make me look bald?”   hehehehe

Cancer is scary the first time you hear it in relation to your own body or someone close to you. Learn the terminology and help someone not be afraid.

Keep singing,




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