Worship Week @ Ridgecrest Conference Center

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Worship Week is here.  I’m so excited

I got my room set up this morning.  The kids helped me unload the car. It is so easy to pack more when you are driving than when you are flying. I was setting up when McKenzie comes running in, “Mom, listen what I just read in Nehemiah……!.”  She was communicating very enthusiastically. Nehemiah 6:9 “For they were all trying to intimidate us, saying, “They will become discouraged in the work and it will never be finished.  But now my God strengthen me.’

Of course she could never know how I needed that this morning.  I have been working on this Music Mom thing since January and well, success measured in man’s eyes doesn’t always match God’s eyes. I am going to keep going with the great reminder that it will be in His strength and not my own.  All the while I am realizing this, McKenzie is still talking.  As she continued telling me about the coolest thing she’s read in the Bible in Nehemiah, she adds, “…..So I wrote a song about it.”

Off on my tangent thoughts again. “Yes, and that is why I am here right, Lord? to do the work and you will strengthen me.”  What a sweet affirmation that I am still supposed to be doing what I am doing.

So back to what McKenzie was saying…….She wrote a song about it. I love that when she learns something new, it comes out in a song.

First my joy was as a mom – Love that kid.
Second my joy was how she delights in God’s Word.
Then my joy hit as a Music Teacher – I love that somewhere along the way she caught on the fact that music is truly a gift from the Lord.

Thank you Lord, for the gift of music – may we use it to worship you!


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