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What a great day in Houston yesterday!  Here are the promised links to get some of the products that I referred to or demonstrated in my classes.

Songs and Chants for Antsy Pants -

Love, Love, Love the Lord – Scripture song – Red Preschool Praisentations - Vol. 4

Here is another great link on Behavior Management

Here is the Snowy Song that is a piggy back to Bingo.

I also demonstrated that you can adapt Mitten Music Mix-up and play a memory game. Well rather than have you adapt a game.  I simply made you a new one and it will be available. February 3rd.  It is called Mitten Music Memory.  Check back in the next couple of days and you will see the new product.

You can also get Opposite Singing on February 3rd. Watch here and the Music Mom FB Page.

If there is anything I have forgotten, respond below or contact me and remind me of the forgotten item.  I will do a new post and add it.

It was a please to be with you all again!

In His hands,





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