Preschoolers and Music

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What are the most important things to teach preschoolers in music? Steady beat, steady beat, and steady beat. I am only half joking. (smile) In preschool music we are concern about the development of the whole child and not just a musical concept. Let’s look at just a few things we need to cover in preschool music.

Music Symbols. Preschoolers need to identify music notes and symbols and know what they do.  The application of said symbol in music comes later. Teaching them to read simple rhythms is beneficial to the whole child development, because it is a pre-reading skill. This skill follows the same process in the brain of pre-reading with pictures.

Steady Beat Movement – Gross-motor skill development in preschoolers is also helpful to whole child development especially when taught as a steady beat. This benefits coordination, muscle tone and development, and is a pre-cursor for pitch.

Listening. Listening has to be taught. We take time to teach rules and vocal commands to preschoolers which is a part of listening. When preschoolers listen to music have them listen for a repeated word, or name in a song.  For example: Have preschoolers scrunch their fingers like they are sticking them in a lamb’s wool coat each time they hear the word “lamb.”  Sing Mary Had a Little Lamb. Preschoolers have most likely heard the song, but have not recognized how many times the word “lamb” is sang. This is problem solving and mathematical skills.  Make listening active.

Playing Instruments. Preschoolers need to exerience the sounds that different materials in our world make. The instruments you choose could be professionally made instruments or found sounds from home. Either way you are opening a whole new part of the brain with sound. We also help hand/eye coordination by playing instruments. Don’t forget the voice.  It is an instrument too and we definitely want to teach them to sing. A song is a window to the soul.

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