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I want FREE products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That what it looks like my son is saying here.  Actually, he pitched a fit to get on the “wo wo” with Daddy.  So I put him up there and when my husband cranked the lawnmower, he decided that was not what he wanted.  So I did what any sensible mom would do, I took a picture.

My husband says, “Nothing in life is really free, “somewhere someone pays for it.” But getting credits, received in the store, toward discounted or FREE products is the closest I have ever seen to truly FREE.  Here are 3 ways you can earn FREE products at the Music Mom.

  1. When you shop at the Music Mom Store, you can get credits for anything you purchase. There are no products that are excluded. There is an action required, though, simply give a review.  Go to your purchases and then to the line under the product title that says, “Provide Feedback.”  The great thing is these credits are good for products across the TPT website, from any store.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A note about reviews:  Please don’t just write “Thanks” in your review, or “Oh, this is cute.” Take just a minute and mention some way the product benefited you or your students. Or write what attracted you to the product in the first place. I would also add, and any store owner that I work with, please don’t give a bad review before we have had a chance to correct the situation. If you have a problem, please email and give the chance for corrections.
  2. Another way to receive free products is to follow the Music Mom page on Facebook and right here on the website. Often I will list freebies there with a link for the download. Sometimes I partner with other TPT stores and we will run give-aways and huge sales, as well as, list each other’s freebies. So check in from time to time, you never know what great deal you will find.
  3. Last you can receive a chance at free products by being at a conference where the Music Mom is speaking or teaching. This is also a great time to catch products at the Music Mom booth at a great discount.

Unlike my son, who got what he wanted and quickly decided he didn’t want it; you can want FREE product and get it too.

Enjoy this FREEBIE. It will be available for 24 hours.

Surprise!! See, it helps to check in.

Keep Singing,

Mrs. Darlene



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