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3 Things to Watch for When Selecting Games

Games are wonderful!  They make learning fun and teaching a joy. Here are three things to watch for when selecting games.

  1. Does this game allow students to put a musical concept in action? A game should facilitate kids taking a musical concept that you have taught and making it come alive.  You can say all day long that in music “P” stands for piano which means quiet, but until a student can try this with their mouth or on an instrument……well, it just doesn’t stick.
  2. Does this game involve several types of learning? Games do not always have to be loud and crazy.  Some children can not learn in that environment. Make sure that your selection of games covers a variety of learning styles.  If a game calls for lyrics to put into the correct order by giving different words or sets of words to different students, then it has several benefits. It allows you to involve the students that need to get their bodies moving, it helps the visual learners see the order of the lyrics, and finally it helps the auditory learner process the words.  (These are the type games you will find at the Music Mom.)
  3. Could this game be used again? Of course, we are to be wise stewards of our budgets (whether work or personal) we need to know that a resource can be used again.  A few things to think about are:
    • Can this be used for review?
    • Can this be used over and over in the same form or will I have to change something?
    • Can this game be used by students alone or will it take a facilitator?

As you can see, not all games are created equal. So use these three simple tips to help you select the best game for your class.

Keep singing!

Mrs. Darlene


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