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I have a brand new product that you are going to love. This product is going to be awesome for Kindergarten and 1st grade.  Pre-K will also love this product. I love telling stories and being able to do so through music is the perfect combination for whole child development.

Don’t miss this reveal!

When we can help form connectors for children between two different cortexes of the brain, we are helping to secure understanding and perception of a concept.  For instance, if we are working with pitch – we need to form a connector between the visual and the auditory cortexes of the brain.  An untrained ear in a child doesn’t know if pitches are going up or down. However if we combine what they are hearing with a visual they can see, the brain makes the connection that what they are hearing has direction as well.  So keeping all of that in mind, I have designed a product that will help accomplish this in several different ways.

Don’t miss this reveal!

We, as teachers, need products, and ideas that accomplish higher thinking in our students along with meeting our benchmarks. This product will help accomplish that. There are attributes to the product that help us think about characters in literature and why an author made the connection of pitch direction to that character.  What it is about the character that made the author choose the intervals that were chosen?

Don’t miss this reveal!

Tonight at 7 PM Central Standard time, I will be on FB live to reveal a new product.  I have been working on this product for quite some time and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome.

I hope you will join me.

Til then……. keep singing!


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