March Madness! 6 Days of Giveaways

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It’s a Slam Dunk

I don’t really keep up with basketball or March Madness. But I love teaching music with basketballs. When I was in high school we went to the playoffs in basketball. Everyone talked about the “Slam Dunk” and could any of our players make it. Honestly, I don’t remember if anyone made a “slam dunk” or not. I still only know enough about the sport to keep up with the game and to ask the kids in my class about their games.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend explaining that I have worked really hard and have 6 new products to reveal. She stated that it is like I am going to the playoffs. So I thought, “Why not!” And why not make it a “slam dunk!”

This week, I will be revealing a new product every day. The product will be offered to you for 50% of the original cost. There will also be a raffle everyday for prizes. Simply click on the Giveaway Raffle on the FB posts and follow the instructions. I kept the instructions very simple. There will also be a FREEBIE every day for anyone who wishes to download it. Everything will be on the Music Mom FB page.

I hope you will join me this week, as I try to score daily with new products that will be very helpful to you and to any music classroom. There is so much being given away this week that some people may think me mad. hehe . I guess that hold true to the March Madness theme.

Keep Singing,



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