Apple Pie Rhythms


Kids love saying the fun apple pie words to match the rhythms. Create rhythms on your own or pull rhythms from music you are teaching to reinforce them for the kids.


Create rhythms using fun apple words. Rhythms can be as simple or complex as you need them to be. Kids love saying the fun words to match the rhythms. Create rhythms on your own or pull rhythms from music you are teaching to reinforce them for the kids. This really does work for all Secondary Grades because you create the rhythms. Use very simple rhythms for younger grades and more complex rhythms to challenge older grades. Kids love making their own rhythms. Just have fun!

Treat your students to this awesome game. It is such a fun way to practice rhythms.

I’d love your comments, so please take a minute to leave some fun and friendly feedback. Thanks!

Printables include:
*Answer Key – 1 page
*Word Cards – use apple words or ta, ti-ti syllables, 2 pages
*Apple Cards – each card has a note or rest, 20 pages
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