Singing Sticks

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1 Teacher Stick and 30 Student Sticks are included in each package.

Singing Sticks help establish a new neural pathway in the brain for pitch.  To be used in conjunction with hand signs, this tool is quick and easy to use. The part of the brain that processes hand signs is where movement and spacial awareness are processed. Singing Sticks are processed in the part of the brain that processes words and numbers. It also provides visual reinforcements for the melodies or warm ups being sung.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 12 × 5 × .24 in

341 reviews for Singing Sticks

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    Friday, October 25, 2011

    Nmap Network Security Scanning Tool consists of a client and several server programs. You need a Nmap client. On Linux, Windows, Mac OS etc,. Linux’s Nmap tool is probably the most useful port scanner on the market. Nmap is developed by the same creator of the popular and widely respected TCP/IP scanner, the SNMP scanner, and the NSE scripting engine used for security auditing of applications, like ClamAV

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    EasyAccess is a powerful yet simple software application for quickly adding color, grayscale, and brightness/contrast

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    Free Proxy Control provided by Extensions for HTTP and HTTPS

    This is one of the most powerful Free Proxy Service Extensions developed by the developer of the Free Proxy software, Dietrich Kongl. It’s Free Proxy Control allows you to view parts of the web pages from the Port 80 and the Port 443. The program will connect to your proxy server and retrieve the information from these two sites.
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    “A discrete time system is a system that operates on defined sample intervals or time steps. The system evolves in time at discrete instants, which can be defined to be at regular intervals.”

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