Music Chef Card Game



A Composition Game. This card game can be played like Music Chef or like spoons. What musical components does it take to make a specific genre of music? Jazz will have a lot of sharps and flats because of all the colorful chords. A Waltz will be in 3/4 Time Signature. However, there are 5 ingredients needed for each genre. Once the recipe cards are drawn, cards are passed until a student has all 5 cards on their recipe card.  But lookout for the Oven Mitt, that is bad news for your recipe.

3 WAYS to PLAY!!!!!!!!!

Use this game to teach about different styles of music. The Recipe Cards are very general but you will be able to teach your students about the following music styles:
Love Song

Instructions included for 3 different games.

Printables Include these Notes and Symbols:
Piano, Mezzo Piano, Mezzo Forte, Forte
2/4, 3/4, 4/4 Time Signatures
Quarter Note, Half Note, Dotted Half Note
2 Oven Mitts
Largo, Andante, Presto
Sharp, Flat, Natural
Recipe Cards